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Dear customer. When you get one of our products, besides the comfort and beauty, you get the quality that only SAPATINHO DE LUXO brand offers. 

Here are some important information to keep your product well preserved for a much longer time:

  • The products can’t be taken to the washer/dryer machine 
  • In case your product get wet, let it dry in a cool and shade place.
  • The insole of these products are also made with noble material, metallic or suede, that are subjects to deformations cause by transpiration. This happens because of the texture and shade properties of these raw material. Those differences won’t be accepted as defects and SAPATINHO DE LUXO won’t accept returns because of those specific aspects that are predictable characteristics of those materials. 
  • Avoid to expose your products to the sun, dryer, microwave oven, or behind the stove/refrigerator.
  • All shows are made with noble material which its characteristics are quality and naturalness. Those products can present stains if exposed for a long time to the sun longer and humidity.

Other raw materials of fashion that are usually in our collections require special care for its preservation:

  • Corks and Tarpaulin: Products made with those materials can’t be exposed to excessive humidity or chemical substances (considered wrong use).
  • Tie Die: Those are products that handmade painted with special die which can’t be exposed to chemical substances or excessive humidity because of its characteristics.
  • Ornaments: Ornaments and details in metal pieces are very delicate and are subject to break down in case of friction or impact. Breakdowns are not acceptable for returns. 
  • Sisal: Handcrafted products from natural origin that can’t be exposed to excessive humidity, friction or chemical substances.
  • Suede/Nobuck: Those products can be exposed to pasted, cream, instantaneous glitter/shine or excessive humidity. For its well preservation, it is recommended a waterproofing product that you can find at our shop. 
  • Varnish/Glaze: These products are very fragile, subject to break downs in case of friction or excessive humidity.
  • Loom: Products made of loom are usually braided, delicate and fragile and can’t suffer impact, friction or traction. 

We recommend SAPATINHO DE LUXO Products (waterproofing, stretchers, insoles) for preservation of you shoes.